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Profile of d.s. Parmar

A person who has the potentials in providing the proper guidance to all about the career-related issues. Mr. D.S. Parmar the career counselor of career care point is best known for his dedication and loyalty towards his work. He has vast experience of Career Counselor about 33 years in related Employment Department Haryana Government.

Sometimes you have to change your direction to reach your Goal.

Modules of counseling

Career Counseling is depended on the abilities you have, the job opportunity in the market, persons emotional intelligence, his motivational and personality dimensions. It will focus on all the problematic area of your career to enhance your skills for better performance. With the help of proper career guidance, you can achieve your goals with your full potential.


Administration on O*NET ability profiler for assessment of abilities
Duration: 70 Minutes


O*NET Intrest Profiler is administrated to get interest strength
Duration: 30 Minutes


O*NET importance of work profiler is Administrated to get importance of work.
Duration: 20 Minutes

emotional intelligence

EQ test is administrated to get Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) Score
Duration: 20 Minutes


TAT based test is administrated to get Motivation Strength
Duration: 40 Minutes


MPI is used to know the type of Personality
Duration: 15 Minutes

Career Counseling available Online

Why Choose career care point

At career care point, you will get 100% satisfaction and you will definitely want to come again and again for your queries, if any. The counselor is prompt to provide the quality career counseling to the younger fraternity of their bright future.

2 hours assessment session consist of

Psychometric test
One to one Interactaction
Score Report Preparation
Career counseling
+ counselings done


I came with a motive to know what my abilities are. What am I capable of? But now I am at accomplishing with my goals and my problems I know what my mistakes are and I would try to overcome them as fast as possible. Now I determined to my goal and would do hard work to achieve it with your guidance and support.

Khushi Kathuria, Student

Really good experience. Got my vision a bit clearer. The way of conversing and the level of comfort was well established. Really looking forward to seeing and exploring new career options through your guidance.
The test analysis was very much apt to my traits. Very impressed by the results as I could easily relate to them & understand it in a better manner.

Akshita Vohra, Student

I learned new things about me which I didn’t know yet. This session gave me some motivation. The sir is very outward and is able to read our mind. This session told me my problems and method to solve these problems. I was happy that I had career counseling. I hope I will get more information about my career.

Arshdeep Singh, Student

The session was interactive good to know about my son’s nature and ability but still, there is little confusion about his career. Because the career told by you, according to me is not appropriate to settle in life with good income. But still, I’ll try to show some line and right path as per his ability. Thanking you

Arshdeep's Mother

Best day of life. Knowing my abilities and more than that knowing my weak point really make me satisfied. Will work according to the advice and will choose the line that make me fully satisfied.

Shruti Sharma, Student

Appreciate assessment process adopted by you. But I feel that any right conclusion has not come out. Please precisely tell the accurate line which is foremost better. Please provide full detail about what child has to do.

Shruti's Father

The Sir here is so supportive and mature giving right direction for us. Helps in every possible way. Cleared my mind what to do precisely in future. I will definitely regard his efforts and Guidance.

Komal, Student

Dr. PARMAR was very beneficial & helpful. He was able to pinpoint the capabilities and abilities in my daughter’s career, which will be helpful in deciding the right career for her so as to ensure her success and happiness. He also advised her how to improve on her shortcomings & be positive in life.

            I think it was time well spent and totally worth the effort, we took in so far. I recommend other PARENTS to take his help & guidance in ascertaining their child’s future as well as happiness.

Komal's Mother

Availability of ds parmar

D.S. Parmar is available for Professional advice.

For Appointment, Call: 9417475132, 7837027575, 0172-4028280


Most frequent questions and answers

After Class X, it is the right time to choose the subjects that help students develop the skills that shall benefit them in their career choice. Career counsellor Manoj Shukla says, “After 10th there are generally four core options available —non-medical, medical, commerce and arts. Some even opt for diploma courses while others who choose a stream, start preparing for competitive exams.” The subjects that one opts for must be of one’s interest and shouldn’t be forced upon. Taking up certain subjects should not be done under peer pressure or parental influence. It should be the student’s personal choice.

Once Class XII ends, the race for college admissions begin. Students sit for entrances and struggle to attain the desired score and rank. “After 12th, students go for admissions to common courses like BTech, BSc, BCA, MBBS, BDS, nursing, law, BA, CA, BBA, BCom and mass communication,” says Shukla. However, there are many other fields apart from these mainstream options. In most cases, a certain degree course is opted for assistance in higher studies or for preparation of competitive exams like UPSC, HCS, PCS among others.

After Class XII, children are exposed to an entirely new phase. They have ample options available may be as set goals or backups. Courses like that of air hostess training, commercial pilot training, pharmacy, hospitality, fashion designing, journalism, mass media and many other diploma courses in the field of IT, home science, music, design also exist, which are equally valuable and have lucrative future prospects. These offbeat courses are mostly risktaking. But excellence and passion-driven people emerge as better professionals in these areas, than those who tread the mainstream path.

“Failure in clearing entrance is a cause of either lack of interest or preparation. Those who lack interest, their parents shouldn’t force them to try for those tests again. Instead, they should allow them to pursue the course of their choice. Also, wanting to prepare for an entrance again should be the child’s choice alone. If he or she really wants to prepare again, nothing can hinder his or her path to success,” counsellor D S Parmar says. Parents need to give their children the space to make decisions for themselves. Understanding a child’s potential and abilities is very important.

All fields offer equal opportunities for career building and employment. Careers can be chosen in any field of interest. However, non-mainstream fields test a child’s determination, skills, ability and patience twice as much the other fields do. “Fields like music, dance, fine arts and drama involve a lot of struggle. Success in these fields doesn’t come easy. One needs to really stand out among the lot who are struggling find a footing in these fields,” says Parmar. As a matter of fact, even sportspersons struggle to come out as the best to be able to play at national or international levels. Such fields are often governed by tough competition.

Social media and technological advancement have increased the public outreach and connected people far and near. YouTube channels, Instagram and Facebook pages bear testimony to the fact that how talent can be commercialised and publicised through social media. “Social media has opened new horizons for students. No doubt they can make their talent reach out to more people and earn recognition. One needs to really explore this field of study,” says Parmar.

With technological advancement, many certified courses are offered online. Online courses engage a wide range of skill developers. From those who had to terminate their studies due to some reasons to those who want to get certified in their field of interest, online courses are accessible to one and all. Parmar says, “These courses target a large number of audience and are made for their convenience. The varied course choices that they provide a platform to many facilitating them to hold on to their passion.” These online courses also help women choose a career of their choice. Familiarising with a wide range of career options allows a person to make a precise judgement of his or her field of interest. Another benefit of these courses is that their certification helps to gain employment and some of them even offer on-completion placements to top performers.

With the development of the society, mindset of the people has changed. Taking up career choices in fields like art, music, poetry, dance and drama are no longer looked down upon. “With the cultural development, platforms like that of slam poetry and micro-tale writing are also developing as career choices. Photography is another attractive career choice with sub-sections like wildlife photography, bird photography, fashion photography and others. Developing culture has given space to develop skills and creative thoughts into lucrative careers,” said Parmar.

Women are usually associated with household chores and too often, their career choices are neglected. According to counsellor S S Chadha, “Women need to analyse their potential. Online courses and choices should be made available to them so that they can develop skills in the field of their interest and at their own convenience.” Sometimes non-availability of good employment opportunities for women also brings down their morale. The gender-based difference in pay-package for the same work discourages the participation of women in career-building.

Counsellors agree that potential cannot be weighed on the scale of marks. When it comes to making a career choice, interest should be the sole driving force. Parmar says, “Marks cannot determine what choice a student should make for his or her career. A career choice should only be based on one’s interest and ability.”

He further criticised the prevalent study pattern saying that it focuses more on rote learning than skill development and understanding. Children’s participation in the race of marks often closes doors for potential development.

The Past Cannot be Changed.
the future is yet in your power


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